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Video 2024

r = θ

At the core of "r = θ," mathematics emerges as a unifying language, harmonizing diverse perspectives. This video art piece explores the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns in nature. My work not only reveals these underlying geometric patterns but also invites viewers to reconsider their points of view. Through this piece, I delve into the human inclination to seek shapes and significance in the world, especially within the context of natural phenomena, prompting a deeper exploration of our cognitive processes and their nature. "r = θ" guides the audience through simulations of the golden ratio, the choreography of weather patterns, the behaviors of insects like moths and butterflies, and the mesmerizing murmurations of starlings. Celebrating the promise of art and technology, this work embraces both the digital and the physical realms. It examines settled assumptions and encourages reflection on the influences that shape our approach to reality. As you engage with this video, let the questions it raises linger in your thoughts: How has this artwork transformed your perception of the world? What significance do replicas and authenticity hold for our understanding of life? What further mysteries await discovery at the frontier of realities?