Video, Sound, and Print Art & Beyond

Video 2002

Prototype #31: C404.40.40.31

"Prototype #31: C404.40.40.31" is a 31-minute audio/video DVD that fits animated graphics layered on video and TV footage to a 31-minute original audio track. The video is composed of segments designed by Yoshi Sodeoka and invited artists that respond in different ways to the underlying audio track. The project was originally shown as an installation at "Digital Dumbo," a four-day festival held in September 2001, which was devoted to showcasing new digital art.

Concept and Audio: Yoshi Sodeoka
Video: Yoshi Sodeoka, Oliver Caballes, Eric Dyer, David Morrow, David Oppenheim, Eric Rosevear
Packaging: Yoshi Sodeoka, Jason Mohr.