Video 2005

Noise Driven Ambient Audio And Visuals DVD

Noise Driven Ambient Audio And Visuals is a compilation of experimental noise/ambient videos created by Yoshi Sodeoka AKA C505 and music by KNBS. A far cry from music videos, the pieces are more analogous to experimental / abstract film and video art. C505's aesthetic shuns the pursuit of 3D digital realism and sanitized graphic design and instead embraces the layered residue of analog distortions and glitches. Uniquely, both the sound and video are created simultaneously by C505 and KNBS yielding a woven relationship that feels symbiotic instead of driven by one or the other. C505’s favored techniques include, video feedback loops, video flicker induction, CRT distortions created by magnetic fields and capturing various visual and audio static from a multitude of analog sources. Over 50 minutes of content, this DVD also contains guest director's work such as Associates In Science, Lew Baldwin, Day-Dream, Jonathan Turner and WeWorkForThem.