Video 2011

Let It Bleed (Left) Let It Be (Right), The Stones And The Beatles Getting Tweaked At The Same Time

The entire track is constructed out of two of the most well-known songs in the history of music, Let It Be by Beatles and Let It Bleed by Rolling Stones. Each track was sliced up into small pieces and rearranged. Let It Be is panned on the right channel, Let It Bleed is panned on the left channel.
From Wikipedia:

"Many believe that this song (Let It Bleed) was a take on the Beatles' album Let It Be. The titles are very similar, and there was a running history of the Stones and the Beatles tweaking each other. The Stone's Let It Bleed was released months before Let it Be, but it should be noted that most of the songs from Let it Be had been recorded earlier than most of the songs in Let It Bleed, and was a known project."