Video 2013

Distortion III - Video Album for Undervolt & Co.

"Distortion III" is one of the first video album releases by experimental video label, Undervolt & Co.

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"If video were lava, then the work of Yoshihide Sodeoka’s would be a volcano. If overflowing with imagery, color, rhythm, and noise, these works showcase the visual and aural complexity of that locate Sodeoka as a leader within experimental digital video. Between the blossoming glitching lotus that unfurls over the course of Devils Reign and the static horizon that starts Shinrei, one can see that a type of feedback serenity sits at the core of Sodeoka’s work. The videos in this collection are at once aggressive and captivating, launching the viewer so far into the depths of a saturated ocean of analog feedback that a return to normalcy seems off-putting. The seamless density of Sodeoka’s collection speaks to his meticulous process, and as a result these videos are testament to a master at work."

1. Shinrei — 心霊 -- 04:06
2. Devils Reign -- 04:41
3. Dead Frankenstein -- 02:06
4. Distortion III -- 10:18

Total Running Time: 19:11

All visuals and music by Yoshihide Sodeoka except "Devils Reign", music written by Yoshihide Sodeoka, remixed by Daron Murphy.