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ASCII BUSH is an ascii video rendition of two State of the Union addresses — one delivered by George W. Bush on January 12, 2003 (just before the current Iraqi war); the other by his father, George H.W. Bush, on March 6, 1991 (right after Operation Desert Storm). The basic goal of this project is to make art from the debris of our culture by recycling these dreadful and painfully long presidential oration. The speeches are not edited--just digitally filtered. And like I said, they are very lengthy. ASCII BUSH is definitely boring enough to be interesting!!!

***NOTE*** At the very beginning of both pieces, the audio might sound like noise. That's just processed sound of cheering. People were excited, I guess, to hear the president. The cheering goes on ridiculously for 4-5 minutes. Be patient and the speech will start right after...